Phone: (585)-467-2230



 Carl Hatch-Feir  President and CEO  Ext. 435
 Ann M. Graham

Director of Operations and Care Services

 Ext. 307
 Paul Russo  Financial Administrator   Ext. 428 
Taylor Isselhard  Management Associate  Ext. 150




Outpatient  Treatment Services


 Mary Adams-Hatlestad  Clinical Supervisor   Ext. 131
 Tom Roat   Senior Substance Abuse Counselor   Ext. 133
 Tammi Vinci  Substance Abuse Counselor  Ext. 132
 Karen Culley   Substance Abuse Counselor  Ext. 148
 David Crawford   Substance Abuse Counselor  Ext. 151
Michelle Dickerson Substance Abuse Counselor Ext. 130
Lisa O’Connor Substance Abuse Counselor Ext. 123
 Yolanda Monagas   Administrative Assistant   Ext. 121
 Melanie Carvelli   Staff Nurse   Ext. 124

Aaron Fields, MD

 Medical Director 

 Ext. 124







Prevention  School Based Counseling and Education Services  

 Ronni Boyars Program Director Ext. 201
 Richard Arnold   Consulting Psychologist, Prevention Services    
 Bridget McLaughlin  Prevention Education Manager   Ext. 202
 Ted Aman   School Based Counselor – Penfield HS
 Lindsay Snyder   School Based Counselor – Wayne Central
 Lauren Donsky   School Based Counselor – North Rose Wolcott: MS/HS
 Lillian Grisby  School Based Counselor – Gates Chili Elementary
 Sara Markovitz  School Based Counselor – Bay Trail Middle School
 Diane Maring  School Based Counselor – Penfield ES
 Tracy Migliore  School Based Counselor – Lyons HS/MS 
 Gillian Rose  School Based Counselor – Clyde Savannah HS/MS
 Kathy Steblen  School Based Counselor – Gates Chili HS
 Krystal Crawford  School Based Counselor – Brockport HS/MS
 Katie DiSalvo  School Based Counselor – Newark
Kristin Haughey School Based Counseor Gates MS; RCSD
Pia Cseri-Briones  Administrative Assistant   Ext. 204

 Elizabeth Saeva

 Data Management Specialist   Ext. 203
 Margaret Taber  Project Coordinator YMHFA  Ext. 205 










Care Services

Jason Barnum Monroe County Reentry Coordinator x303
Diane Sanders Sr. Reentry Case Manager x305
Alex Acosta Bilingual Reentry Case Manager x304
Kadeem Miller Reentry Case Manager x310
Darnell Rhodes LEAP Program Case Manager x312
Hayley Madden Administrative Program Aide x301
Mike Iacucci Program Director, Supported Forensic Housing x315
Jack Brennick Licensed Mental Health Counselor, Supported Forensic Housing & DV Programming x313
Debra Leach Supportive Housing Case Manager, SFH x302
Kayann Williams Occupational Case Manager, SFH x314
Majida Dzozlic Administrative Program Aide, SFH x442
Maryann Garay Health  Home Team Lead x316
Brittany Clark Sr. Health Homes Care Manager x306
Brenda Lopez Bilingual Health Homes Care Manager x309
Bercia Saltibus Health Homes Care Manager x308