Domestic Violence & Abuse Course for Men (DVACM)


The Domestic Violence and Abuse Course for Men is a dual intervention program for men only with domestic violence and substance abuse issues. Participants in this program are required to complete 26 sessions on domestic violence and how to change their behavior. In addition, the participants are evaluated for chemical abuse and dependency. Participants must agree to abstain from the use of drugs and alcohol during their participation. If appropriate, clients must attend and complete both treatment and the domestic violence program. Clients in need of treatment services can be admitted into Delphi's Out-Patient Treatment Program or referred to other appropriate treatment services, as necessary.

hipster-839803_1920The Monroe County Integrated Domestic Violence Court (IDV Court) was established to meet the mandate set forth by New York State Chief Judge Judith Kaye "to improve the quality of justice we provide to families victimized by domestic violence."


Since April 1998, Delphi has been treating and intervening with the co-occurrence of Domestic Violence (DV ) and Chemical Dependence (CD) . Noting that at least 50% of domestic incidents may be substance involved, the ‘Delphi Model’ has been a ground-breaker in providing the Rochester area with state of the art and trauma informed care on this complex community issue.