School Based Counseling Services

Delphi’s School-based Prevention Counseling Programs are offered to school districts by direct contract. We serve children in grades k-12, and  the  staff fully integrate into the school setting to provide counseling support to students, school community  and families. 

The school based counseling program addresses a number of protective factors by teaching skills, information dissemination, education, positive alternatives and early intervention. In addition  confidential professional assessments/evaluations  are also done for our older students. 

The service approach is to have a professionally trained, substance abuse counselor in each of the school districts that Delphi serves.This approach allows the counselors to contact and involve students who may be “at risk” for substance abuse within the context of the school environment.

In doing so, Delphi counselors can involve students in the counseling process who might not otherwise have access to preventative counseling  services. Our elementary counseling program engages those students who need additional support services for a variety of reasons.

The following services are also available: professional training, staff development, Parent and Student Educational Assemblies, Consultation services and more.

The Prevention Staff at Delphi are Trauma Informed, trained in working with trauma and adverse childhood experiences.The focus of our service delivery is sensitive to these experiences and the impact it has. 

Information and Referral Services provides substance abuse information and treatment referrals to students  each year, including individuals, and families.  Call us and let us help you with your questions.

Children’s well-being depends on safe, nurturing, stable environments that help kids develop sound cognitive and emotional skills and a robust sense of their own identity. Adverse childhood experiences, or ACEs, are defined broadly as incidents during childhood that threaten to dramatically upset these environments.

Counseling Services: Crisis, Individual, group, family, assessment/evaluation, and referrals

Evidenced Based Programs:

Reconnecting Youth, Teen Intervene, Towards No Tobacco Use, Brief Motivational Counseling, Project Success, Trauma Informed Interventions

Specialized Group Counseling

COA,COSAP, depression, violence prevention, anger management, skills training, alternatives to suspension and a variety of support groups

Wayne County School Based Counselors


Lindsay Snyder, Lauren Donsky, Tracy Migliore, Gillian Rose, Katie DiSalvo


School Districts Receiving Delphi Counseling Services:

Lyons High School/Middle School
Brockport High School/Middle School
Penfield High School
Penfield Elementary Schools (Cobbles, Harris Hill, Scribner Road, Indian Landing)  

Penfield Middle School: Bay Trail
North Rose Wolcott High School/Middle School
Clyde Savannah High School/Middle School
Rochester City School District: New Beginnings Program; Juvenile Justice
Gates Chili CSD:  Walt Disney Elementary,  High School./ Middle School
Newark Central School District
Wayne Central School District

School Based Counselors District Web Links

Penfield Elementary Schools

Brockport HS/MS


Penfield HS

Bay Trail Middle School

North Rose

Gates Chili

Wayne Central


Clyde Savannah